CEO Message

Japan Hotel REIT Advisors Co., Ltd. (“JHRA”) is independent asset management company specialized in hotel assets. We manage assets of Japan Hotel REIT Investment Corporation ("Japan Hotel REIT", Securities Code: 8985), as well as form and manage private funds that mainly invest in hotels.

Asset management of hotels requires collaboration and cooperation with hotel operators and many other parties involved in hotel assets, in addition to expertise and know-how specific to hotel operations. We aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society and local community while enhancing the value of hotels as a hotel asset management specialist by making use of our know-how, network, relationship and trust with many stakeholders that we have cultivated to date.

Japan has unique culture and climate and rich tourism resources, and the tourism industry in Japan is expected to continue to grow in the medium to long term. We aim to contribute to the development of the hotel market and the tourism industry and liven up Japan through investment management businesses which connect hotel market and financial market. Each employee at JHRA will make every effort to earn trust from stakeholders in everyday work. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

Hisashi Furukawa, President & CEO
Japan Hotel REIT Advisors, Co., Ltd.

Hisashi Furukawa Representative Director and President Japan Hotel REIT Advisors Co., Ltd.

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