Our Strengths & Features

Japan Hotel REIT Advisors, Co., Ltd. ("JHRA"), an independent asset management company specializing in hotels, is distinguished by "advanced expertise" and "ensured independence".

Through our various experiences, we have cultivated know-how and network specific to hotel assets that are essential for asset management of hotels and have built a solid reliability under a management structure independent from the sponsors.

Advanced Expertise

  • Ability to propose transaction scheme, execute transaction, and plan and execute unprecedented measures of asset management based on in-depth understanding of hotel operation and track record of such asset management.
  • Extensive experience of renovation and rebranding through collaboration with many hotel lessees and hotel operators.
  • Strong and long-term relationships with a large number of hotel lessees and hotel operators.
  • High analytical skills and accurate judgement capacity based on rich information and data obtained through a broad network and high credibility.

Ensured Independence

  • There is no seconded employee from sponsor in JHRA.
  • JHRA's Board of Directors comprises a total of six directors: four directors (including one part-time director) unaffiliated with the sponsor, two part-time directors affiliated with the sponsor, and one part-time auditor unaffiliated with the sponsor. This structure ensures a highly independent management, a key characteristic of JHRA.
  • We established a more rigorous decision-making process for transactions with sponsor-related parties. In principle, JHRA undergoes deliberations and resolutions by the Investment and Operation Committee, the Compliance Committee which includes an outside specialist who is authorized to dismiss proposals, and the Board of Directors Meeting of JHRA. In addition, in cases where Japan Hotel REIT Investment Corporation ("JHR") conducts transactions with sponsor-related parties, such transactions shall be conducted upon the approval and resolution by the Board of Directors Meeting at JHR. The officers of JHR are all third parties unrelated to the sponsor-related parties.
  • Since our main sponsor, SC Capital Partners Group is also an independent asset management company, it fully understands and respects importance of JHRA’s independency. JHRA conducts asset management business based upon its own judgement.

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