Basic Policy Against Anti-Social Forces

Japan Hotel REIT Advisors Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “JHRA”) stipulates its basic policy against anti-social forces that threaten the order and security of civil society, and by observing this, JHRA strives to maintain trust and secure soundness and appropriateness in its operations.

  • JHRA takes an unyielding stance in confronting anti-social forces and responds as an organization to reject any relationships including business transactions with anti-social forces in a decisive manner.
  • JHRA strives to build close relationships of cooperation with the police, attorneys and other external expert institutions as well as business partners, interested persons or other close affiliates and shareholders, in order to prepare against unjust demands from anti-social forces.
  • JHRA stives to accurately understand facts and stives to secure the safety of its officers and employees by responding as an entire organization through cooperation and collaboration across departments in the event it faces unjust demands (including cases of such risks arising) from anti-social forces.
  • JHRA does not meet any unjust demands from anti-social forces, regardless of the reason. JHRA takes a legislative response, in terms of both civil and criminal actions, against unjust demands (including cases of such risks arising) from anti-social forces by working closely with external expert institutions.
  • JHRA never provides benefits to or negotiates backroom deals with anti-social forces, regardless of the reason.


Established on April 23, 2018
Latest revision on July 1, 2020

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