Management Philosophy

Japan Hotel REIT Investment Corporation (JHR), in which we are entrusted asset management, was formed through the merger of two J-REITs specialized in hotel investment in April 2012.

Since then, JHR has steadily expanded asset size and improved the quality of its portfolio as a pioneer in the listed J-REITs specialized in hotel investment.

At JHR’s 10th anniversary of its forming, we as JHRA redefined our mission statement for the next decade amid unprecedented changes occurring in global environment.

Mission Statement

Connecting hotels, people, and the future

We explore the possibility of hotels.
We create new value and lead hotels to a bright future.
We will be the pivot to connect people with various perspectives
and a pioneer for the future of hotel industry.

We connect hotels, people, and a bright future.

In our mission statement we try to express our following thoughts and hopes:

  • Through offering opportunities to invest in hotels, we will deliver attractiveness of hotels to many people.
  • Utilizing our unique asset management know-how and skills, we will create new value and contribute to the development of the hotel industry.
  • We will enhance sustainability of hotels and contribute in realizing a society that is friendly to people, local community and environment.
  • We will earn trust of a wide range of various stakeholders involved in the hotel and become the pivot to bring the stakeholders into harmony.
  • We will challenge the status quo, consider all the possibilities for a better solution and become a bridge to the bright future for the hotels and people.

Code of Conduct

We define "Challenge" and "Teamwork" as the code of conduct for a team member at JHRA.
In achieving our mission, “connect hotels, people and future,” it is essential to pursue all possibilities and continue exploring to create added value.
We will always pursue possibilities through “challenge” by each department and each employee and continue to create added value through cooperation and collaboration based on “teamwork”.

  • Be a self-starter, take initiative and demonstrate drive
    • Work proactively
    • Become a vital part of team
  • Set high goal and strive to achieve goals
    • Have broad perspective and interest beyond one's own territory, and expand potential to grow
  • Respect creativity and innovation
    • Prioritize own decisions over precedence, and seek progress and improvement
  • Promote challenge, free from fear of failure
    • Learn from failure and exploit it for future
  • Respect teamwork and collaborate with team-mates
    • Cooperate with others
    • Aim to create added value through teamwork
  • Respect others
    • Respect values and opinions of others
    • Understand the value of diversity
  • Promote "sharing"
    • Contribute to team by "sharing" idea, knowledge, information, goal, achievement, joy of achievement, lesson
    • Improve quality and efficiency of one's work by “sharing”
  • Make effort for open, frank and sincere communication
    • Understand the value of appropriate communication
    • Communicate in a considerate and polite manner

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