Management Philosophy

Mission Statement

“Provide attractive hotel investment opportunities to investors as specialist in investment and management of hotel assets. Gain trust from our stakeholders, and contribute to local communities and society through investing and managing hotel assets.”

We believe that trust from stakeholders is most important for JHRA to grow on a long-term basis. To obtain stakeholders' trust, JHRA needs to constantly provide high added value. JHRA's added value is laid in investment management know-how unique to JHRA as hotel specialist as well as in making correct decisions in day-to-day operation. We aim to provide "attractive investment opportunity" backed by such added value as stated in our mission statement.

Aiming for long-term growth that co-exists with society and environment in harmony, we recognize that enhancement of sustainability and appropriate actions for ESG matters are important management agendas. Also, we aim to be such a company where quality people are willing to work on a long-term basis with high motivation, having high ethical standard and compliance consciousness.

Code of Conduct

We consider "Challenge" and "Teamwork" as the value which should be shared by all of us at JHRA, and based on that our code of conduct was defined as below.


  • Be a self-starter, take initiative and demonstrate drive
    Work proactively. Become a vital part of team
  • Set high goal and strive
    Have broad perspective and interest beyond one's own territory, and expand potential to grow
  • Respect creativity and innovation
    Prioritize own decisions over precedence, and seek progress and improvement
  • Promote challenge, free from fear of failure
    Learn from failure and exploit it for future


  • Respect teamwork and collaborate with team-mates
    Cooperate with others
    Aim to create added value through teamwork
  • Respect others. Respect values and opinions of others
    Understand the value of diversity
  • Promote "sharing" (idea, knowledge, information, goal, achievement, joy of achievement, lesson, etc.)
    Contribute to team by "sharing"
    Utilize internal resources to improve quality and efficiency of one's work
  • Make effort for open, frank and sincere communication
    Understand the value of appropriate communication
    Communicate in a considerate and polite manner

As an independent asset management company, all, employees and officers at JHRA should have a "“spirit of challenge" aiming to constantly provide high added value. At JHRA in many cases, businesses are carried out by collaboration of multiple divisions that have different specialties. Therefore, cooperation among different divisions and people is critically important for the entire company and "teamwork" is inevitable to provide high added value. Consequently, we recognize "challenge" and "teamwork" as essential value which our code of conduct is based upon.

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